• Carbon Offsetting your branded promotional merchandise by responsibly planting trees in the UK and around the world


Carbon offsetting you branded merchandise


Carbon Offsetting Your Branded Merchandise

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business and the carbon footprint of every order.

We believe that responsibly planting the right trees in the right places can help offset the CO2 generated from branding and delivering your merchandise, whilst also improving environments, creating habitats and supporting communities in some of the most poverty stricken parts of the world.

With this in mind we've teamed up with Oblong Trees to plant trees for us internationally and in the UK.

Oblong Trees are a UK based, not for profit organisation who plant trees responsibly around the world, avoiding any damage to rare habitats and ensuring that trees aren't 'double counted' by being resold as carbon credits in the future.

While it isn't possible to accurately calculate the amount of CO2 produced by each order, we want to make an immediate reduction to the carbon footprint of every order. So we are now planting one tree for every £250, or part thereof, spent with us (excluding VAT).

On average each tree will:

  • Be removing 25Kg of CO2 from the atmosphere each year, in 10 years time when it is maturing.
  • Remove up to a tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere in its first 40 years.

We feel that this will go a long way to offsetting the CO2 emmisions generated from decorating and shipping your promotional products, but if you would like to contribute further you can add extra tree plantings to your order for just £1 each, VAT free (100% of which passed on to Oblong Trees), just let us know how many you like to add when confirming your order.



(Updated November 2022)

We estimate that our trees have sequestered over:

81,000 cubic feet (4200 kg) of CO2

Scheme No. Trees
Australia Re-wilding 115
UK Re-wilding 120
Mount Kenya Reforestation 464
Kenya Agroforestry 323
Malawi Agroforesty 358
Malawi Fruit 216
North America Riverbanks 256
Indonesia Reforestation 246
Peru Reforestation 230
DR Congo Reforestation 417
TOTAL 2745


Oblong Trees










Visit Oblong Trees on Twitter for the latest planting updates.