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Branded Eco-Friendly Gifts


Thanks in no small part to environmental issues like global warming, people in this day and age are more concerned about the environment than ever before. This translates into a greater likelihood that customers will opt for environmentally friendly products or ‘green’ products. They will also consider such products to have a higher value than their non-green counterparts and so be willing to pay more. As a result, the benefits of choosing environmentally friendly promotional products are twofold:


1.       They show clearly that your company is mindful of its carbon footprint. This is universally considered a positive attribute and so customers (existing and potential) will look more favourably upon your organisation.


2.       The products themselves will remain in use for much longer (especially if, like eco friendly bags, they are designed for long-term use) as they are considered more valuable so those who receive them will be less inclined to dispose of them. A promotional product that is used for a long time gets its message across for a long time.


Fortunately, many already popular branded products are available in eco friendly versions too. Recycled plastic is common for pens, rulers, keyrings, bags and other products that can be made with plastic. Sticky notes, notebooks and other paper products often have recycled paper as an option. Additionally, promotional products made partially or wholly of recycled material can advertise this fact to customers. A bag made from recycled PET material may have your company’s logo printed on one side and a statement such as ‘I am made from 3 recycled bottles’ on the other, while a mousemat made from a recycled tyre has plenty of room to state this even after including a company’s logo and details.

Recycled materials aren’t the only way to make a product environmentally friendly though. Biodegradable materials are another option. Instead of plastic that has been derived from oil, why not use promotional products made out of wood, cotton or other plant materials? Jute bags and cotton shopping bags are well-known examples of products made of biodegradable materials, but you can also have clothes made out of organic cotton (and to very high ethical standards), lanyards made out of plant silk, milk protein and bamboo, and even pens made out of excess algae and recycled paper.

Lastly, there are products whose 'greenness' comes not from what they are made of but from how they work. You could purchase branded battery-powered calculators, clocks or phone chargers, but if you want your company to appear green, you would be better off buying solar-powered versions of these products. Similarly, instead of battery-powered torches, putting your company’s logo on dynamo-powered torches makes your company stick out as one that is environmentally conscious.


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